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d by hard cock in my hand and began trying to explain things as I reached my pants, he just said quietly, do sexusa not have to put on my sexusa part. With that, he was right where I was sitting on the pc and held out his hand and touched my cock throbbong, totally surprised me and stood still do not know what to do. as he began to caress me, as he sexusa stood beside me as I sat on the PC I realized that there was a large lump in his jeans and these reasons I ran the zipper of his pants and slipped his hand into his pants and I felt his hard cock in his underwear. was like a dream, but always as hot as I sat there and fed his cock through his jeans and then undid his pants and dropped to the ground, I pulled his shor
Quotes ts to his knees in his hard cock sprung directly from I saw a hard cock in front of me for the first time I could not get enuff of his cock and took my hand so tightly to his shaft and began to masturbate his cock nice and slow, which sexusa was starting to play with me, told me , faster than I did go and I went on a few minites my hand up and down so fast that just left a hugemoan and said oh god I 'm going to come and then splashed all over my hands and chest, no one really knew what he had done, but it was so hot that it made ​​me run after cleaning Not a word was mentioned at respect, but I had some good ideas about the last days and I would like, but as I was done, but still waiting, but you never know


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This story is absolutely true, what happened was a Saturday morning around 1030 and I had just begun the cam in the here and cold enough. He went on to read the stories, and before I knew I found my tail too hard, so I took my car and I was completely naked and feel you have been in my own home. I was on different things to different people what a couple of stories and gay, I actully turne to my surprise, I spend reading, my cock was so hard and rigid, while slowly stroke my fancy that I was in some stories and was miles away little by little I masturbate in my thoughts, when a friend who knew he was close on my house without knocking or anything to see if I thought that football, I sat there feeling totally humiliate